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Why they came to Finetune

  • Stephen owner of contacted us as he was looking at a better way to increase his online sales.
  • His sales had stagnated and having spent money on an expensive email marketing campaign with minimal results, he wanted to try using Google to start driving more relevant website traffic to his site.

What Finetune did for JTL

  • We put together a 6 month SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign to help drive more online sales.
  • Our aim was to improve their visibility online through organic and paid listings on Google, in order to drive more relevant organic and paid website traffic.
  • We also made recommendations on how to enhance their website design, to improve conversions to make sure more website traffic would convert into online sales.

The Results

  • We were able to increase Target Maps online sales by an incredible 1100% within 6 months!
  • SEO – increased visibility within Google Search due to improvements in keyword rankings. Leading to significant increases in organic website traffic growth and sales.
  • PPC – By creating and optimising Google paid adverts we were able to click-throughs to the website and drive an additional 30% of sales per month.


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