SEO Referral Program

Word of mouth, much like SEO, is an incredible method of marketing, which is why when you refer a client to us,
we want to reward you. No vouchers; no freebies; just simple, hard cash in your pocket.

One Referral, Zero Work

Once a successful referral has been made to Finetune Digital, that’s all of your hard work over. Our team will never expect you to represent your referred client in any way. All you have to do is sit back, and enjoy the passive income!

Payback Month on Month

Instead of offering a one-off financial “thank you” for your generous referrals, Finetune ensures that you will reap the full benefit of your recommendations for every month that your referred client stays with Finetune. That means, every time one of your associates jumps on board with us, your bank balance just keeps getting bigger.

Let’s Talk Numbers

The Finetune team is not interested in offering you £50 here or £100 there. Instead, we will credit you for 15% of each payment that your referred client makes. In other words, for every £1000 that Finetune is paid by your referral, you will make £150 without lifting a finger, every month!

What Our Clients Say

What’s so important about SEO?

SEO is just like word of mouth marketing. The only difference is, it isn’t just your happy clients that are referring you work offline, it is an abundance of web giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that become your biggest advocates as well!

By using our incredibly talented Finetune Digital team, you can supercharge your website to dominate your local, regional, national and international markets. As the world becomes more competitive online, you’ll need a strong team behind you to compete with the rest!

What are the main benefits of SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO is fantastic for increasing your brand awareness among your ideal clients and target audience; SEO will drive many more customers through your website; SEO will generate you more leads, and therefore more customers; and SEO will also increase the trust and visibility of your brand during all user search experiences.

At Finetune, we believe SEO is much more cost-effective and efficient than employing a full-time member of staff to manage your website and social media.

If your content isn’t under the right noses, your competition may well be reaping the rewards! See how SEO can transform your online business success today!

Meet the team

At Finetune, our UK based team is always working to improve your search engine rankings and online presence.

Whether you are looking to become the most visible company in your industry online, or to generate ten times more leads than you currently achieve through web-based marketing, we can deliver the results you need.

Our team of SEO experts is always on hand; ready to help you reach your online objectives. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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How does your referral program work?

At Finetune, we’re not reinventing the wheel when it comes to our referral structure.

If you are able to put us in touch with individuals and companies that require our services, then we want to reward you for your support.

For every person that you refer to Finetune that converts into a client, we will give you 15% commission each and every month that the client stays with us.


How much money can I earn?

As our services vary from the fixed costs packages to bespoke monthly retainers, the amount we can pay you will vary. But think about like this… every single time we bill your referred client you will receive 15% of the total invoiced. For example, if your referred client pays us £2500 a month for SEO services you’ll receive £375 each and every month! That’s not bad for passive income, is it? 


Do I need to be involved in the client's campaign?

Nope. Once you have made a referral to Finetune digital, that is your work all done and dusted. The only involvement we expect from you as a referee is that you let us know when or if you update your bank details! 

When do I get paid?

Every time your referred client makes a payment to us, you can expect payment within the next 5 working days. Alternatively, invoice us at any time, and we can process the payment as soon as the transaction clears on our end! Everyone is a winner on the Finetune SEO Referral Program.

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