Local SEO Services

At Finetune we will share our refined skills and techniques with you
to make sure that your products or services are recognised and found in your local area fast.

Optimising Your Website

Our Finetune SEO experts will make sure your website and its contents are relevant, accurate, and representative of your brand and services.

Making Friends with Google

Using tools such as Google My Business will build a strong local presence for your brand, and allow features such as Google+ and Google Maps to aid you.

Tidying Up Citations

You may not know it, but your website and contact details are probably scattered across the web. We’ll make sure they all say the same thing and boost SEO.

What Our Clients Say

What is so important about SEO?

The online community is the biggest community in the world. In fact, more than half of the entire human population are on the internet. With so many users, and so many businesses, it has never been harder, or more important, to get your voice heard as an online store. Let Finetune do the hard work, and silence the noise of your competitors.

Will our Google rankings and web traffic improve with Finetune?

Absolutely. From day one we’ll begin devising the very best SEO strategy for your company that will improve rankings, traffic and quality leads. Finetune will make sure that all of the basics and complexities of SEO are covered so that your business will cruise through the ranks of Google’s first page across multiple search terms.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the online service of making sure your company appears as high up on search engines for local searches. By increasing your local search engine rankings, people that are looking for local services can find your site more easily, driving more relevant website traffic to your site and generating more local leads and sales.

How can Local SEO help our business?

Local SEO is fantastic at directing relevant users to your website based on their search terms. By targeting your geographical customers, local SEO is guaranteed to bring a higher volume of local traffic through your website, and as a result, boost local leads and the number of local customers that purchase products or services from your website.

What local SEO services can you offer us?

At Finetune, we offer bespoke local SEO services for companies looking to drive more local web traffic, leads and sales. Local SEO is ideal if your company operates and has an address in one or more country locations. Contact us today, we can discuss with you, your options, on how we can help develop and execute a successful local SEO campaign for your company.

I have a question about Local SEO

We are ready and waiting to hear your questions and get your business off to a flying SEO start. Feel free to contact our friendly team of experts via phone, email or on social media. Want to know more about how we can help your business specifically? Why not book a free consultation with the Finetune team. We’ll find the right package for you!

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