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E-commerce SEO Services


With the Finetune E-commerce SEO package, you can expect high levels of lead generation and sales,
as our SEO specialists work around the clock to drive customers to make online purchases.

  • Optimising Your Products

With SEO keyword optimisation and calls to action dotted strategically around your website, Finetune will make visitors into customers, and customers into return buyers. From search engine to purchase, we make things clear for the user.

  • Converting Existing Customers

It’s not all about new traffic, but making the most of your existing audience as well. By analysing the behaviour of your users, we can understand strengths and weaknesses in your sales process, enhancing or adjusting the consumer journey.

  • Building Trust and Brand

You wouldn’t buy food with crumpled packaging, so your users wouldn’t buy products or services from a poorly built website. Redesigning the customer experience and adding security certificates will boost your E-commerce success.

What Our Clients Say

Is SEO important and should I bother?

The online community is the biggest community in the world. In fact, more than half of the entire human population are on the internet.

With so many users, and so many businesses, it has never been harder, or more important, to get your voice heard as an online store.

Let Finetune do the hard work, and silence the noise of your competitors.

How can my company benefit from your SEO services?

By optimising pages, creating tangible, trackable results from our SEO experts, and being on hand at every step of the way to assist you, Finetune will take your business from out of the dark, and put you in spotlight online.
More visibility, and more relevant visitors, means more sales, and more satisfaction for your e-commerce store.

How much will SEO cost me?

From mega-giant e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon, all the way to sole-trading online fashion boutiques, there is a massive array of online stores.

Rather than label you without having a chat, our Finetune team are waiting to learn about your company, get excited about what you can achieve online, and offer your a bespoke package to make those dreams a reality.

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What is E-commerce SEO?
E-commerce SEO is the tactical and strategic method of making sure your company is on the first page of search engine results. By increasing your search engine rankings, browsers that are looking for your services can find your site more easily, increasing the popularity and income of your online store.
How can e-commerce SEO help my company?
E-commerce SEO is fantastic at directing relevant users to your website based on their search terms. By targeting your ideal customers, E-commerce SEO is guaranteed to bring a higher volume of traffic through your website, and as a result, boost leads and sales through your site.
What e-commerce SEO packages can you offer me?
All E-commerce websites are unique in size, audience, and ambition. With this in mind, we tailor our prices to each customer for our expert E-commerce SEO services. For local and national SEO services, we do have set price packages available.
I have a question about E-commerce SEO
We are ready and waiting to hear your questions and get your business off to a flying SEO start. Feel free to contact our friendly team of experts via phone, email or on social media. Want to know more about how we can help your business specifically? Why not book a free consultation with the Finetune team. We’ll find the right package for you!

I’ve worked with Finetune on many SEO projects and they have always delivered quality work, on time and with a personal approach. I happily recommend Charlie if you’re looking for a reliable, professional and up-to-date provider.

Very impressed with the service I got from the team.  They are extremely professional and they are one of the few guys that really knows what they are doing. In two months since I have used them they have managed to get me to page one on google already! Because of Finetune I am very confident of my business future and leads.  If you are on the fence about acquiring an SEO service, Use Finetune, you will not regret it.  Outstanding work!

I’ve worked with Charlie for many years now. Finetune are always friendly, professional and most importantly very reliable. Highly recommended!

If you have ever wondered how to ‘get to number 1 in Google’ or worked with an SEO company that have let you down….then you haven’t worked with Charlie and team at Finetune. SUPERB service, friendly, transparent and clear explanations.

– We hired Charlie and his team at the beginning of the year, to help us with our Search Engine Optimisation. We have been delighted with the results!We now get far more visitors to our website and we are showing up on the first page of Google for a number of local search terms (keyword phrases). This has resulted in a noticeable increase in website enquiries. Couldn’t be happier and will continue to use Finetune in the foreseeable future.

I have been working closely with Charlie and his team to deliver SEO and digital marketing services. Finetune has been building marketing campaigns that have delivered genuine results for my clients. Their passion for helping these businesses succeed online really does shine through! Furthermore, Charlie is friendly, honest and a genuine expert in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending Finetune to any business looking to build their online presence and those who want to start generating more web traffic & leads from their website.I look forward to working with Finetune for many a year to come.