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Finetune Case Studies

Check out some of the great SEO results we’ve got for our clients!

Finetune Case Studies

Check out some of the great SEO results we’ve got for our clients!

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Why Awin came to Finetune

  • Who are Awin? A Global Affiliate Network powered by 15 offices worldwide, over 1000 employees, 205,000 publishers and 14,600 advertisers. Awin generated £9.5 billion in revenue for its advertisers and £706 million for its publishers in the last financial year.
  • Awin was looking to significantly improve their Google rankings and organic website traffic to boost their online visibility and increase advertisers and publishers signups to their network. 
  • They previously had not focused heavily on organic search but really felt a solid International SEO strategy, was a great opportunity to generate new enquiries and help increase top line revenue.
  • Awin wanted help devising and executing a targeted International SEO campaign, as they didn’t have the in-house SEO expertise.  
  • This is where we came in!

What Finetune did for Awin

  • We first put together a comprehensive and in-depth Technical SEO Audit to highlight key areas for improvement.
  • This gave us a top-level evaluation of the current state of Awin’s website from an SEO standpoint. We analysed the following key areas: Technical SEO, Content, Links, Website User Experience & Competitor Analysis.
  • Once our SEO Technical Audit was complete, we used this as our bespoke roadmap to execute an International SEO strategy that would significantly boost Google rankings and organic traffic to the website in the key country territories & languages that Awin was focused on growing and expanding into.
  • Our audit identified that Awin’s backlink profile was already very strong, so we focused our attention on putting together a plan to concentrate on the following key areas: On-page Optimisation, SEO Content Strategy, Technical SEO and Site Structure.
  • Since working with Awin, we’ve also been involved in consulting on a large scale website migration, due to the merger of Awin and Affilinet back in 2018. 
  • As well as advising on SEO for the US Affiliate Network Shareasale which is also part of the Awin group.

The Result

  • Awin (GB)

62% Increase in Organic Traffic
155% Increase Search in Impressions

  • Awin (US)

302% Increase in Organic Traffic
345% Increase in Search Impressions

  • Awin (FR)

223% Increase in Organic Traffic
217% Increase in Search Impressions

  • Awin (DE)

196% Increase in Organic Traffic
245% Increase in Search Impressions

Why Robert came to Finetune

  • After building a successful video animation agency, Robert was looking to start a second business teaching people how to build an automated online business. He was looking at SEO to build more brand awareness and position himself as an authority within his space.
  • He understood the value of SEO and the benefit it could have in generating him business over the long term, but he didn’t have the necessary knowledge or know where to start when it came to creating and executing an effective SEO strategy to drive more visitors to his website.
  • After listening to a speech by Finetune’s Managing Director Charles Travers and then subsequently inviting him to speak at his own event in Krakow, Robert knew Charles and the Finetune team was the right agency to choose to help craft the perfect SEO plan.

What Finetune did for Robert

  • We worked closely with Robert in a consultancy role to map out an exact step by step SEO strategy which we knew would get him great results.
  • Our aim was to help him create a strong SEO content strategy that would not only positioned him as an authority leader but would help him rank on the first page of Google for various keywords & topics related to his niche – “creating an online business”.
  • We provided him would a proven SEO framework which him and his team could execute on, to guarantee he achieved the best results in the quickest time period.

The Result

Based on the SEO strategy we provided Robert and his team, went from just 4 organic clicks a month, to 1,100 a month.

This is a whopping 27,400% increase in organic traffic!

Check out what Robert thinks about working with Finetune:

Why they came to Finetune

  • As a national training provider for electrical and plumbing apprenticeships, JTL needed to attract a consistent, high volume of quality candidates that they could put through their apprenticeship scheme.
  • They had previously relied on traditional marketing, however this were no longer proving effective in appealing to a younger target audience (16-24 years old).
  • They also noticed that employers (35-55 years old), who were usually responsive to traditional marketing were now using new forms of media to find a suitable training provider.
  • Although positioned as one of the top 3 work based learning providers in the country, many people in the industry hadn’t heard of them. Therefore they were lacking local and national brand awareness and visibility.  

What Finetune did for JTL

  • Firstly we evaluated their current marketing activities to identify if we could save them money by re-allocating a proportion of their marketing budget to Search Engine Optimisation.
  • From that, we worked alongside their web design agency to develop a new website and provide recommendations on how to improve their web design and copy, so that when visitors landed on the site they were presented with a great experience.
  • We implemented a SEO campaign working on improving their national and local keyword rankings, to start driving more relevant website traffic to the site.

The Result

  • 60% increase in new visitors to the website compared to the previous website.
  • 108% increase in apprenticeship applications compared to the previous year.
  • Employer enquiries have practically doubled as a results of the SEO campaign we implemented.
  • JTL have gone from struggling to generate enquires to having to take on more staff in order to deal with the abundance of new apprenticeship applications and employer enquiries. Nice problem to have!

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