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Why they came to Finetune

  • As a global affiliate network Awin were looking to significantly increase their rankings and organic website traffic to build up their search visibility and increase signups from mainly new advertisers but also publishers.
  • They previously had not focused heavily on SEO but really felt organic traffic was a great opportunity to build on their inbound marketing strategy.
  • They were able to allocate a good budget to a solid SEO strategy however didn’t have the necessary in-house specialists to develop a strategy and execute on this.
  • This is where we came in!

What Finetune did for Awin

  • In order to start things off we were commissioned to focus on growing the organic traffic from the UK section of their website.
  • Firstly we analysed everything from content to technical SEO, backlinks to competitions.
  • Once our SEO audit was complete, we devised a strategy to significantly increase their rankings and organic website traffic.
  • Their backlink profile was already very strong, so we shifted our focus to put together a plan to concentrate more on their on-page optimisation and content strategy.

The Results

68% increase in UK organic website traffic

18% increase in overall search impressions

44% Increase in CTR (click through rates)

Awin were more than happy with the results and we have now been commissioned to work across numerous country territories on their website (UK, US, France & Germany) to significantly increase overall organic website traffic and advise on how they can better convert this traffic into more clients and customers.


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